July 12th, 2017

Hospital staff members have a vast range of duties that they must perform. Certain professionals within the health care industry work in very specialized fields. This is certainly the case for some surgeons and doctors, but when it comes to nurses, most of these individuals have a more general range of skills that make them capable of performing a variety of different tasks. When it comes to the insertion and management of PICC lines and midlines, however, patients need and deserve a very high level of expertise. That’s why our mobile vascular access services can be so beneficial to your hospital or clinic in the Chicago area.

When providing these solutions, our foremost goal is to establish long-lasting partnerships with all of our clients that are based upon both transparency and trust. At Priority PICC Solutions, we are interested in helping companies improve their reputations and their bottom lines by delivering superior and reliable services that are consistent with industry expectations. We want to make sure that patients are not only receiving excellent care from end to end, but that a number of common and unnecessary problems can be avoided.

Mobile Vascular Access Services Chicago

One such issue that we work tirelessly to prevent is the development of catheter-related bloodstream infections. There are also many other vascular access complications that we can prevent. Not only does this increase the likelihood of positive prognoses and outcomes for patients, but it is also infinitely more cost-effective for health care facilities. Without having to deal with these secondary issues, our clients can save money while still providing exceptional care. They can additionally limit total treatment times for their clients.

We are capable of streamlining our services to meet the needs of a vast range of health-care facilities. We have found that no job is too large or too small. Moreover, we understand how rapidly and dramatically facility needs can change, and thus, we have a number of highly specialized professionals on hand for accommodating these changes.

This provides a number of advantages for hospitals in terms of being able to reliably staff their operations and control their overhead costs. It is not always feasible for clinics and hospitals to have specialized talent on hand for midline and PICC line insertion and maintenance. Rather than paying a number of salaried employees to meet ever-changing demands, these entities can rely on our customized staffing solutions.

Given that the professionals working for Priority PICC Solutions are highly specialized, they can fulfill the broadest range of needs within these categories. For instance, they can supply PICC line service at the the point of care. The can also declot PICC lines and provider challenging peripheral intravenous insertions. We even perform routine tasks like central line dressing changes.

For hospitals, using our services can also mean having greater resources for securing staff in areas in which it is needed most. For instance, hospitals can have more general care practitioners on hand, rather than paying more for specialized professionals who may not always have a sufficient amount of work to do. The level of flexibility that we provide is essential for keeping ongoing operational costs under control.

Beyond preventing infections and other problems, we can also make these processes far more comfortable and convenient for patients. With an optimal level of training, years of experience and plenty of practice, or team members are very adept in the work they do. This allows for better patient experiences overall, and higher morale all around.