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What do you like most about our vascular access service?

Priority PICC Solutions has provided PICC line and mid-line services for us since 2012. They are extremely responsive and efficient, provide safe care and are self-directed. They have exceeded our expectations for customer service.

Complications have been extremely rare and our physicians, patients, and nursing staff are extremely happy with this service. Priority PICCs has been a very cost-effective way for us to provide this service.

Not only are the nurses extremely professional but they are always personable with our patients, their families and our staff. They have been great partners for us. We are highly satisfied with all aspects of our partnership.

Patricia Murphy, Associate Chief Nurse Executive, NURSING Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Coverage outstanding

Director of Northern Illinois Omnicare Infusion Services – 6/19/2015

Thanks Mary for your great customer service and patience

CVICU Nurse Advocate Good Shepard Hospital Barrington – 10/12/2016

Employee Testimonials

There are so many things that I love about working for PPS. Since the first time I met my bosses Julio and Mary I felt like I was becoming part of a family.  They both pay attention to detail and strive to give me all up to date items needed to do my job.  I feel I am pushed to become a better vascular access nurse from them tracking my yearly success rate to Mary taking the time to listen to me vent and give me another way to look or assess my thoughts.  I tell people on a regular basis ” I use to be a PICC nurse. But in the last two years I have become a Vascular Access nurse!” I have learned how to place a PICC lines without using as my assessment tool. Mary and Julio both spent time teaching me the different ways to assess if a line was going towards SVC instead of IJ. I became a member of AVA and attended the national conference this year.  During this time I got to network with some amazing people from across the nation. I will be starting training in March to be trained to place CVC.I got my VA-BC in December 2016. I recently started venturing out to networking attending WISVAN and completed my application for IVAN.  I have seen so many different scenarios that I have become a better advocate for my patients.

Brenda Q. RN, VA-BC

My favorite aspect of working for PPS is the autonomy that comes with being an independent contractor. On that same note, I also appreciate the tremendous amount of support provided by PPS management in all areas of the job. With this support, I have been able to grow as a PICC nurse by obtaining the VA-BC certification and continuously building my skill set.

Kat R. RN, VA-BC

Priority PICC Solutions, LLC provides expert PICC and midline insertions to patients across the Greater Chicagoland Area, surrounding counties and Rockford.

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