February 22nd, 2018

The insertion and removal of PICC lines, PIVs, and midlines is always a major concern for hospitals and clinics. After all, if these tasks are not done correctly, infection rates can skyrocket and patient prognoses become bleak. Unfortunately, most medical facilities do not have the highly skilled and specialized talent for managing these efforts safely and efficiently at all time. This is especially true when patient needs are at an all-time high. Do you need mobile vascular access services in Chicago, IL? Priority PICC Solutions offers a number of in-demand solutions that are guaranteed to keep your office running smoothly.

Mobile Vascular Access Services

We offer a host of helpful services for ensuring that all aspects of vascular access are on par with both patient and regulatory expectations. Moreover, this range of solutions goes above and beyond the normal standard of care to ensure that infection rates are minimized. This way, your medical facility can avoid unnecessary patient problems while maintaining a reputation for offering superior care from start to finish. That’s because the nurses we staff are incredibly well-trained in this specific area of medicine.

Beyond handling the insertion and removal of midlines, PIVs, and PICC lines, our team members can control line dressing changes, as well as CVC evaluations and assessments. With this level of qualified help and support, your own staff can spend more of their days focusing on other areas of care. Patients who require these specialized tasks will have a lower likelihood of experiencing problems.

We also provide data collection, research and a streamlined, highly efficient, quality control process. With the information we supply, you will be given continuous insights so that none of your own team members are out of the loop. The methods and processes we use are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Call 630-324-7139 now to get started with our vascular access services in Rockford, IL. We can supply as much or as little help as you need. When your office is busy, we’ll have plenty of seasoned, vascular access nurses on hand to support your increased requirements. We also offer competitive rates and highly convenient options.