August 18th, 2017

Save Time & Money Using Our Professional Vascular Access Nurses

Hospitals and nursing homes depend on quality nursing services as an integral part of the care they provide to their patients. Our company is more than capable of fulfilling that need. Priority PICC Solutions has the best vascular access nursing service in Rockford, IL.

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At Priority PICC Solutions, LLC, we are dedicated to improving the standards of PICC line procedures in a manner that is entirely cost effective. We begin by lowering the risks of catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSTs), and minimizing the chances of complications. We take great care in selecting our staff members to make sure you receive the highest quality of service available.

Highly Skilled Professionals

To ensure our quality, we hand pick each and every care provider, selecting only those who exhibit excellent skills in PICC placement and CVC management. We further guarantee the performance of our nursing staff by providing them with both support and continuing educational instruction. Through this effort, we are confident that they are exceptionally versed in the latest advances of this field.

Access Nurses In Rockford, IL

Increase Your Productivity

There are a lot of advantages and benefits to utilizing the services of PPS. To begin with, the efficiency and productivity of your office is significantly increased because there is no need to worry about having enough staff to cover the demand of your patients, nor is there any concern over providing employee benefits. Time management is also simplified because the need to be accountable over thing such as sick days, vacation time, and maternity leave, for the nursing staff is no longer necessary.

Reduce Your Liability

As we are an independent service provider, this limits the liability of your facility. We carry our own insurances and can even provide all the required PICC paperwork if requested so that your office does not have that responsibility. At PPS, we also bring our own equipment and supplies. This includes tip location and confirmation systems, custom PICC trays, ultrasound, and the like.

Quality Care

Patient satisfaction is also increased when you choose to use our specified services. One key reason for this may be attributed to the fact that because our providers’ primary action is the placement of PICC line, which gives them a more than 96% rate of success. Individuals on nursing staffs that only perform this action on occasion average first attempt successful placement of just 50-70% of the time.

Your facilities radiology suite can be freed up to deal with cases that provide a higher reimbursement. This increases their profit line, which in turn increases their job satisfaction and productivity. Outsourcing line placement services to PICC can benefit your business on several different platforms.

Custom Solutions

Each of our contracts is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the healthcare facility for which services will be rendered. This flexibility makes it easier to come to terms that are beneficial and convenient for all parties involved. Contact Priority PICC Solutions at 630-324-7139 and speak to a qualified representative to get more information on how we can best serve you and your patients.

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