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We Make PICC Line Insertions Easy

PICC line insertion is a vital part of many medical practice operations. Unfortunately, if these and other efforts like it are not performed correctly, patients can be subjected to a significant amount of discomfort. They’ll also have a much higher rate of infections and far more dismal prognoses overall. This is why it is generally best to have vascular access nurses perform these tasks. These professionals specialize in this very skill. Do you need professional services for PICC line insertions for your practice?

PICC Line Insertions

At Priority PICC Solutions, we maintain a highly skilled team of nurses who are capable of handling all of your vascular access needs in an incredibly safe and efficient fashion. With our help, you can make the best possible impression on all of your patients by making these often uncomfortable processes far easier. Best of all, our team is able to significantly reduce infection rates by making sure that both the insertion and removal of all intravenous equipment is done in the correct manner.

While you might have a number of nurses on staff already, vascular access is the whole focus of our employees. As such, they have far more practice and experience in handling these tasks. They can take care of this area of your operations so that your in-house team can focus on other patient needs.

We also handle things like the declotting of PICC lines and other CVCs, midline insertions, dressing changes, and in-service education. This way, both your team and your patients are aware of everything that they can do to promote safety and expedited healing. Best of all, you can get as much or as little help from us as you need. We can easily adjust our services to perfectly accommodate your budget and the ever-changing needs of your practice.

Working with us is also an excellent opportunity to limit overall liability for your facility. That’s because we stand behind the work that we perform. You can also free up your radiology suite for the sake of focusing on cases with a higher level of potential reimbursement.

Call 630-324-7139 now to get started with our vascular access services in Rockford, IL. Find out how our top-rated team of professionals is helping medical offices streamline their operations for success. With specialized nurses on hand, you can look forward to better outcomes and fewer, infection-related problems.

Enhance Your Clinic With Mobile Vascular Access Services

The insertion and removal of PICC lines, PIVs, and midlines is always a major concern for hospitals and clinics. After all, if these tasks are not done correctly, infection rates can skyrocket and patient prognoses become bleak. Unfortunately, most medical facilities do not have the highly skilled and specialized talent for managing these efforts safely and efficiently at all time. This is especially true when patient needs are at an all-time high. Do you need mobile vascular access services in Chicago, IL? Priority PICC Solutions offers a number of in-demand solutions that are guaranteed to keep your office running smoothly.

Mobile Vascular Access Services

We offer a host of helpful services for ensuring that all aspects of vascular access are on par with both patient and regulatory expectations. Moreover, this range of solutions goes above and beyond the normal standard of care to ensure that infection rates are minimized. This way, your medical facility can avoid unnecessary patient problems while maintaining a reputation for offering superior care from start to finish. That’s because the nurses we staff are incredibly well-trained in this specific area of medicine.

Beyond handling the insertion and removal of midlines, PIVs, and PICC lines, our team members can control line dressing changes, as well as CVC evaluations and assessments. With this level of qualified help and support, your own staff can spend more of their days focusing on other areas of care. Patients who require these specialized tasks will have a lower likelihood of experiencing problems.

We also provide data collection, research and a streamlined, highly efficient, quality control process. With the information we supply, you will be given continuous insights so that none of your own team members are out of the loop. The methods and processes we use are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Call 630-324-7139 now to get started with our vascular access services in Rockford, IL. We can supply as much or as little help as you need. When your office is busy, we’ll have plenty of seasoned, vascular access nurses on hand to support your increased requirements. We also offer competitive rates and highly convenient options.

When To Hire A Vascular Access Nurse In Chicago

If you run a busy medical practice, no matter what your specialty may be, it is important to have nurses on hand that are capable of meeting the very specific needs of all your patients. This is especially true when it comes to the insertion and removal of PICC lines. If these efforts are ever done incorrectly, your patients can suffer a considerable amount of discomfort. They will also have a much higher rate of infection, which will hardly bode well for the overall reputation of your business. Are you looking for a vascular access nurse in Chicago?

At Priority PICC Solutions, we provide a vast range of specialized solutions to make your practice run smoother. In addition to helping you overcome shortages in essential manpower, we have nurses who are highly trained and experienced in PICC line insertion, infection prevention, peripheral intravenous insertions, central line dressing changes, CVC assessments, CVC evaluations, and midline insertions As such, you won’t have to pull nurses with less experience in these tasks away from their normal duties. Instead, you can leave these challenging jobs to people who handle them all of the time.

Vascular Access Nurse In Chicago

We also offer educational in-services. We can assist you in bringing your own team members up to speed so that you have a lesser need to outsource in the future. We will also give your patients assistance in self-care so that they know how to prevent infections after leaving your facility and returning to your own home.

There is a very vast range of benefits that medical practices can gain by using specialized services like ours. You can look forward to fewer infections and fewer post-treatment problems relating to PICC and IV insertions and removals. You can also expect higher levels of patient satisfaction, given that our experienced team members can make these processes as comfortable as possible.

It is also a lot cheaper to source essential manpower in this way. When you work with us, you can get as much or as little help as you need, according to the ever-changing demand of your practice. This is far more cost-effective than paying to retain a full-time vascular access nurse when you only need this additional and specialized help on a sporadic basis.

Call 630-324-7139 now to get started with our vascular access services in Rockford, IL. We can help you meet the needs of your patients in an affordable and truly efficient way. Moreover, with extensive training and ample experience, our vascular access nurses in Chicago will help you make the best possible impression on your clients at all time.

Get Connected With A Vascular Access Company You Can Rely On

Whether you maintain a small medical practice or a lively, bustling facility, it is important to have a number of streamlined solutions for efficiently meeting the needs of all your patients. Are you looking for a vascular access company to assist with PICC line insertions? If you are, then Priority PICC Solutions is the company for you. We always have trained specialists on hand who can assist with these and other tasks within this niche. With our help, you can take care of these important tasks with the utmost efficiency and safety.

vascular access company

Safer Solutions

Working with companies such as ours is a great way for medical providers to prevent the risk of infection. This is because the trained professionals we dispatch specialize in the insertion and removal of PICC lines and catheters. They have undergo extensive training in each of these areas to prevent the problems that are commonly associated with these efforts. As such, you won’t have to worry about catheter related bloodstream infections affecting the health and safety of your clients.

Provide Quality Care

Not only will this increase your ability to provide an optimal level of care for each patient and from end to end, but it will additionally make it possible for you to protect your professional reputation. After all, no one wants to visit a clinic or hospital that has a high mortality rate or a high rate of infection. There are also the many rules and regulations that govern this industry to consider. Each of our professionals is assured to comply with every one of these.

Cost Savings

It is additionally important to consider the impressive cost benefits of working with us. You won’t have to send your current team out to receive the specialized training that we already possess. Moreover, you won’t have to divert this trained talent away from other activities each time a PICC line or catheter has to be inserted or removed.

Increase Productivity

This not only results in incredible savings for many medical facilities, but it also ensures a consistently optimum rate of productivity. When you have an influx of clients to contend with, we can send out all of the help you need. If you have fewer patients in your queue, we can also scale these back accordingly.

Call Us Today!

We offer an impressive range of scalable and flexible vascular access solutions to meet the needs of your growing practice. Call 630-324-7139 now to get started with our vascular access services in Rockford, IL. Both your staff and your patients will be delighted when you do.

Vascular Access Nurses In Chicago

Are you looking for IV nurses?

Priority PICC Solutions has the best vascular access nurses in Chicago for all hospitals and clinics. From nursing homes to private care facilities, we are committed to excellence in meeting all your healthcare and medical needs.

At Priority PICC Solutions, our highly dedicated nurses are fully trained and certified. In fact, they have undergone stringent training to meet all current requirements and criteria. Our nursing team caregivers strongly believe in forging lasting partnerships with healthcare facilities we serve. This is why we provide the highest quality of services that truly meet or exceed your expectations.

Vascular Access Nurses In Chicago

Vascular access nurses eliminate Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections and complications. This ensures positive outcomes for all patients, while securing cost-efficiency for your medical clinic or hospital. Each nurse is also cross-trained in various roles to assist the work of physicians, specialists and team members.

PICC or Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter services are evidence-based and soaring throughout the medical community. With a Priority PICC nurse, your clinic or hospital is guaranteed professional services across the board. In fact, our nursing professionals specialize in peripheral intravenous and central venous catheter services. These procedures utilize guided wires and verification of PICC tip locations to ensure maximum accuracy and delivery.

Our PICC line services are also tailor made to meet your specific needs. As always, we stay abreast of all the latest industry developments in this ever changing industry. This allows us to offer real time services with real time results across the board. From line and midline insertions to Declot lines and data collection, we truly provide a comprehensive range of services designed for cost and time efficiency.

For more information, call 630-324-7139 now to get started with our vascular access services in Chicago, IL. You can also access our website to review the many services we offer for all types of healthcare facilities.

Top Reasons To Outsource PICC Line Insertions

Whether you manage a major hospital, assist with a small-sized clinic, or work in a bustling, urgent care facility, it is important to always have the top talent on hand for making sure everything runs smoothly. This is especially true when it comes to things like PICC line insertions. Following are some of the top reasons to outsource these efforts.

Outsource PICC Line Insertions

Companies that assist with PICC and midline insertions staff a number of talented professionals who specialize solely in this area of medicine. This gives them an impressive level of needs-specific assistance that makes them far more proficient than general employees. The ease and speed with which they perform their work will give your other employees more time to focus on other duties.

Staffing companies can additionally dispatch as many or as few professionals as your team requires. This way, you are never spending more than you should to keep this area of your operations on track. This can be very beneficial if your facility does not have sufficient need to justify the hiring of dedicated employees.

Your patients will appreciate your efforts to secure specialists for this area of their care. Talented injection specialists can minimize the discomfort that people feel during insertion and removal of midlines and PICC lines. These efforts will additionally limit the risk of serious infection and all of the related problems that can ensue.

All and all, working with qualified third-parties can additionally boost the reputation of your facility. With happier patients, fewer infections, and an ability to keep productivity levels at an all-time high, you will find that your customer satisfaction ratings ultimately soar. Best of all, these are benefits that you can enjoy along with significant improvements to your bottom line.

These companies always maintain a flexible and affordable range of plans and prices. This means that you can always get the exact level of support that your facility needs irrespective of your changes in patient volume and PICC or midline demand. This is why these services are so great for keeping overall practice costs under control.

Call Priority PICC Solutions at 630-324-7139 for all of your PICC Line Insertion needs!

Hiring Vascular Access Nurses In Chicago

Learn how Priority PICC Solutions, LLC can help you find vascular access nurses for your healthcare facility

Healthcare facilities all over the country are feeling the pressure that comes with treating a growing number of patients. As more people seek out specialized medical services, hospitals, doctors offices, and health clinics find that that they may lack some of the critical staff that make all of the difference in meeting patients’ needs. Are you looking to recruit and hire high-quality vascular access nurses in Chicago? If so, you may find the level of talent and professionalism you need for your staffing needs by looking to our services today.

As a provider of nursing and medical professionals, we make it a top priority to retain talent that is highly trained and ready to work in any kind of medical setting. Whether you are staffing a hospital, outpatient facility, or ambulatory center, you can fill every open position when you utilize our services. You get nursing professionals who are trained and ready to work in your facility today.

Each nurse is well-versed in the most innovative medical care available in this specialized industry. They can put in PICC lines, monitor the injection and progress of medications, keep track of vital signs, and much more. Your patients will be in good hands when you entrust their care to the nursing pros that we make available through our company.

Vascular Access Nurses Chicago

Give Your Staff A Much Needed Break

We also make available staff anytime day or night to accommodate your facility’s needs. We understand that your full-time and permanent employees may need to take time off throughout the year for vacations, sick time, or family leave. You could fill their absence by contracting with the nurse professionals that we offer through our business.

You also never know when you might face a high-pressure situation that puts your regular staff to the test. When you need extra hands on deck, you may call our company anytime day or night. We will dispatch medical contractors to your location immediately to help you meet the urgent healthcare care issues of your patients.

If you would like more information about our company or what we can offer you as a healthcare provider, you may visit our website. Our vascular access services in Chicago are listed on the website. You also can read testimonials of clients who have used the services in the past. The testimonials may convince you to retain us as your medical contractor provider.

Learn How To Get Started

Getting started contracting with us also proves to be easy. You might fill out the online form and submit it to us. The form lets us know what kind of staffing issues you are facing and what kinds of contractors you want to retain for your own facility. We will give you a call or email you promptly after you submit the form to us.

As a Chicago healthcare provider, you may need vascular nurses to fill the void in your staffing roster. You do not need to spend time recruiting new talent. You could get all of the help you need by retaining contracting services for your facility. You also can get all of the information you need by using the online form and submitting it to us today so that we can call or email you a response.

Professional Vascular Access Nurses In Rockford, IL

Save Time & Money Using Our Professional Vascular Access Nurses

Hospitals and nursing homes depend on quality nursing services as an integral part of the care they provide to their patients. Our company is more than capable of fulfilling that need. Priority PICC Solutions has the best vascular access nursing service in Rockford, IL.

Call 630-324-7139 now to get started with our vascular access services in Rockford, IL.

At Priority PICC Solutions, LLC, we are dedicated to improving the standards of PICC line procedures in a manner that is entirely cost effective. We begin by lowering the risks of catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSTs), and minimizing the chances of complications. We take great care in selecting our staff members to make sure you receive the highest quality of service available.

Highly Skilled Professionals

To ensure our quality, we hand pick each and every care provider, selecting only those who exhibit excellent skills in PICC placement and CVC management. We further guarantee the performance of our nursing staff by providing them with both support and continuing educational instruction. Through this effort, we are confident that they are exceptionally versed in the latest advances of this field.

Access Nurses In Rockford, IL

Increase Your Productivity

There are a lot of advantages and benefits to utilizing the services of PPS. To begin with, the efficiency and productivity of your office is significantly increased because there is no need to worry about having enough staff to cover the demand of your patients, nor is there any concern over providing employee benefits. Time management is also simplified because the need to be accountable over thing such as sick days, vacation time, and maternity leave, for the nursing staff is no longer necessary.

Reduce Your Liability

As we are an independent service provider, this limits the liability of your facility. We carry our own insurances and can even provide all the required PICC paperwork if requested so that your office does not have that responsibility. At PPS, we also bring our own equipment and supplies. This includes tip location and confirmation systems, custom PICC trays, ultrasound, and the like.

Quality Care

Patient satisfaction is also increased when you choose to use our specified services. One key reason for this may be attributed to the fact that because our providers’ primary action is the placement of PICC line, which gives them a more than 96% rate of success. Individuals on nursing staffs that only perform this action on occasion average first attempt successful placement of just 50-70% of the time.

Your facilities radiology suite can be freed up to deal with cases that provide a higher reimbursement. This increases their profit line, which in turn increases their job satisfaction and productivity. Outsourcing line placement services to PICC can benefit your business on several different platforms.

Custom Solutions

Each of our contracts is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the healthcare facility for which services will be rendered. This flexibility makes it easier to come to terms that are beneficial and convenient for all parties involved. Contact Priority PICC Solutions at 630-324-7139 and speak to a qualified representative to get more information on how we can best serve you and your patients.

Call Priority PICC Solutions toll-free at 888-742-2765 today to get started with our professional nursing services today!

Find Out How Our Mobile Vascular Access Services Can Benefit Your Clinic Or Hospital

Hospital staff members have a vast range of duties that they must perform. Certain professionals within the health care industry work in very specialized fields. This is certainly the case for some surgeons and doctors, but when it comes to nurses, most of these individuals have a more general range of skills that make them capable of performing a variety of different tasks. When it comes to the insertion and management of PICC lines and midlines, however, patients need and deserve a very high level of expertise. That’s why our mobile vascular access services can be so beneficial to your hospital or clinic in the Chicago area.

When providing these solutions, our foremost goal is to establish long-lasting partnerships with all of our clients that are based upon both transparency and trust. At Priority PICC Solutions, we are interested in helping companies improve their reputations and their bottom lines by delivering superior and reliable services that are consistent with industry expectations. We want to make sure that patients are not only receiving excellent care from end to end, but that a number of common and unnecessary problems can be avoided.

Mobile Vascular Access Services Chicago

One such issue that we work tirelessly to prevent is the development of catheter-related bloodstream infections. There are also many other vascular access complications that we can prevent. Not only does this increase the likelihood of positive prognoses and outcomes for patients, but it is also infinitely more cost-effective for health care facilities. Without having to deal with these secondary issues, our clients can save money while still providing exceptional care. They can additionally limit total treatment times for their clients.

We are capable of streamlining our services to meet the needs of a vast range of health-care facilities. We have found that no job is too large or too small. Moreover, we understand how rapidly and dramatically facility needs can change, and thus, we have a number of highly specialized professionals on hand for accommodating these changes.

This provides a number of advantages for hospitals in terms of being able to reliably staff their operations and control their overhead costs. It is not always feasible for clinics and hospitals to have specialized talent on hand for midline and PICC line insertion and maintenance. Rather than paying a number of salaried employees to meet ever-changing demands, these entities can rely on our customized staffing solutions.

Given that the professionals working for Priority PICC Solutions are highly specialized, they can fulfill the broadest range of needs within these categories. For instance, they can supply PICC line service at the the point of care. The can also declot PICC lines and provider challenging peripheral intravenous insertions. We even perform routine tasks like central line dressing changes.

For hospitals, using our services can also mean having greater resources for securing staff in areas in which it is needed most. For instance, hospitals can have more general care practitioners on hand, rather than paying more for specialized professionals who may not always have a sufficient amount of work to do. The level of flexibility that we provide is essential for keeping ongoing operational costs under control.

Beyond preventing infections and other problems, we can also make these processes far more comfortable and convenient for patients. With an optimal level of training, years of experience and plenty of practice, or team members are very adept in the work they do. This allows for better patient experiences overall, and higher morale all around.

Discover The Benefits Of Working With Our Vascular Access Nurses

The health care industry is vast and fast-growing. New, trained professionals are being hired each and every day to address the overwhelming needs of a large, aging demographic and to attend to a public that’s living significantly longer than generations before. Not surprisingly, this has led to a number of hospitals and clinics outsourcing their needs. We provide experienced vascular access nurses Chicago locals trust and that are capable of assisting with a very broad range of needs. When you’re looking for trained talent to help with the insertion of midlines, PICC lines and other vascular issues, you can always count on us.

There are a number of major benefits that hospitals and clinics can gain by working with our nursing teams. Foremost among these is the ability to leverage the expertise of nursing professionals who are solely focused on vascular access. The typical nurse handles a very vast range of responsibilities. Ours, however, specialize in this specific area of care, and thus, they have attained complete mastery over all that it involves. This makes them far more adept at line assertions, removals and management, than the typical, general nurse with the right certifications, but insufficient practice.

Working with these professionals greatly decreases patient anxiety and discomfort. Our nurses are swift, experienced and capable of inserting lines within a very nominal amount of time. Given their skills, all other members of a patient’s medical team can move quickly and proceed about their other duties absolutely unimpeded. Best of all, we offer services and solutions that are perfect for a broad range of circumstances, environments and needs.

Vascular Access Nurses Chicago

For instance, if you want nurses available during a crisis situations, we can provide qualified team members who can arrive on the scene, dressed, equipped and ready to work in almost any environment and setting. These professionals are trained to respond well in high-intensity settings. They also function well as part of busy, bustling, day-to-day options. We work hard to staff professionals who are flexible, adaptable and prepared for both the expected and the unexpected.

Working with our providers does more than make IV and PICC line insertion a lot easier for patients. These efforts can also play a major role in controlling infection. That’s because our nurses are adept in using all of the proper procedures and protocols for keeping patients safe. If your hospital or clinic has struggled with infections or PICC line injuries in the past, choosing to outsource these efforts to qualified individuals with a niche-specific focus could be your best bet.

Outsourcing these efforts is an excellent way to control your costs. We work hard to maintain competitive industry rates, despite maintaining some of the top talent within the industry and professionals that boast a very diverse range of skills. We offer line dressing changes, assessment of central lines, central line evaluation and declotting of PICC lines among many other things. All of our nurses has an ample amount of experience in these areas. Moreover, we diligently assess these professionals to ensure that their methods are always on par with the latest industry standards. You will find that our employees are dedicated to receiving ongoing training for continued learning and the development of all new skills.

While you may want to bring professionals of this caliber onto your own team, it is actually significantly more affordable to staff your facility with individuals who have a much broader and far more general array of skills. These individuals can assist with your day to day needs, while one of our staff members can be on hand to assist whenever special needs arise. This specialty focus ensures that services are delivered in a seamless and timely fashion and with fewer problems. More importantly, we are able to meet your staffing needs within a reasonable amount of time, every time. With advanced notice, we can provide an organized team of nurses to meet the needs of a large and bustling facility. If you need several nurses to assist with moderate options right now, we will be able to dispatch someone right away.

Working with us is also a great way to boost the reputation of your organization. Both patients and regulatory bodies appreciate the level of care that we provide with each and every project. With our help, you can dramatically reduce the potential for IV and PICC line infections and the vast range of secondary, medical and legal problems that invariably ensue these developments. Our services will also make it easier for you to deliver the type of timely and diligent care that all patients deserve and expect.

Call Priority PICC Solutions at 888-742-2765 today to get started with our services!